Luxury Amenities

Luxury Amenities

Freshly baked warm cookies at checkout, warm blankets and towels during your procedure, creamy milkshakes and smoothies to soothe your gums after your procedure, and cafe quality cappuccinos, sodas and juices while you wait to be seen by the doctor. From the interior design, reminiscent of a 5-star hotel lobby, to the smell of freshly baked cookies and Starbucks quality cappuccinos and milk shakes, we’ve made every efforts to titillate all your senses.

How we Designed an Amazing Patient Experience Tailored to the 5 Senses


When you walk into Metro Dental, there will be an aroma of freshly baked cookies. This is not a “fresh cookie scent” made in a lab in China and sold at target, it is actually the smell of real cookies baking in a real oven. This might seem minor but for some, this sensory information could resonate with pleasant memories of time spent with mom or grandma, thereby causing subtle changes in one’s mood. Now compare the smell of freshly baked cookies to the scent of the disinfectant you normally smell at a clinic or the dentist. Also, we do not just mask clinical scents, we use disinfectants that have a more of neutral scent or no scent at all.


Who does not like the taste of a warm decadent cookie fresh from the oven. We don’t just bake cookies in the office for the aroma, you will get a large free cookie on your way out so you can put your newly cleaned teeth to work; just don’t forget to brush and floss. Those of you thinking “what if I just had a root canal and cannot chew just yet, giving me a warm cookie is just mean”. We could not agree with you more which is why we also have $10,000 self serve smoothie and milkshake machine so you can get free smoothies to soothe your gums in the event you had a more invasive procedure.

We also use isolyte, which is a device that isolates specific areas of the mouth being worked on my the dentist, thereby preventing the tongue from being exposed to potentially unpleasant tastes and excessive fluids.


When you walk into Metro Dental, you will hear soothing music (my music as well as other similar relaxing music) softly playing from the overhead speakers. This kind of music (regardless of your taste in music) provides a calming effect when played softly in the background. If you like the music, just ask and we’ll give you a free CD on your way out.


Watch your favorite shows on Netflix on overhead TVs during your treatment. The interior design for Metro dental was done by a world renowned designer who has designed 5-star hotels across the world. The colors, decor, and furniture carefully selected to create an environment that looks nothing like a dentist but more like a 5-star hotel lobby or a fancy coffee shop.


When it is time to go to the dentist, I am sure you are not thinking of the soft feel of our designer furniture. Most people think of pain the minute a dentist is mentioned; however, dentistry does not have to be painful. My wife (Dr. Lynn) once injected my gum to numb me for a procedure and I did not feel a thing so I asked her exactly what she did. She has developed a technique using topical anesthetic, gum massage and a special thin vibrating needle that practically eliminates the pain of the numbing process. Our warm towels and neck pillows add that extra level of comfort you deserve.