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Will you still provided dental services to me even if I have no insurance or you do not accept my plan?

The answer is “yes” but keep in mind the following.

  • We won’t be able to bill you carrier directly. You will pay Metro Dental for the services, then submit the receipt to your provider to get reimbursed. You will have to make sure that your insurance carrier “out of network” providers.
  • If you do not have insurance at all, you will have to obviously pay out of pocket. We have the following provisions for those without insurance
    • No credit check payment plans. Approximately 12% interest and 10% down payment. 100% approval guarantee!
    • Zero down payment plan. This usually requires good credit and has a lower interest rate
    • Patient membership program. For a very low monthly rate, this allows patients without insurance to reap the benefits of being insured.

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