Clear Correct

Gone are the days when you could only get crooked or misaligned teeth straightened with the unaesthetic and uncomfortable metallic braces. At Metro Dental, the comfort and convenience of our patients are is highest priority. That is why offer the Clear Correct removable aligner system for solving your orthodontic problems.

What is Clear Correct?

Clear correct is an orthodontic treatment system which is similar to Invisalign. This system utilizes multiple sets of removable aligners. When the aligners are worn, they exert controlled forces to teeth and move them in the desired direction. As a result, your teeth gradually start to re-align themselves into an ideal occlusion, thereby giving you a beautiful and charming smile.

Getting a Beautiful Smile with Clear Correct at Metro Dental

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment Planning – when you visit for a consultation, Dr. Lynn will carefully examine your teeth and oral health status to determine your eligibility for getting treatment with Clear Correct. X-ray images and study models of your teeth will also be prepared to make a treatment plan which is customized according to your specific needs and aesthetic requirements.

  • Fabrication of your Aligners – during the next appointment, Dr. Lynn will make digital impressions of your teeth. These images will be sent to an authorized laboratory, where custom-made aligners will be made for your teeth by using the CAD CAM technology.

Using your Clear Correct Aligners

Initially, we will give you a few sets of aligners which you should wear for at least 22 hours each day. After 14 days, you should remove the aligners and replace them with the next set. In this way, each set of aligners will force your teeth to move into the desired alignment and angulation.

Orthodontic treatment with Clear Correct is carried out in different phases. Once a treatment phase is completed, the next set of aligners is designed while considering the progress of your orthodontic treatment in the previous phase. In this way, Clear Correct offers a dynamic and more customized treatment protocol in comparison to the Invisalign system, where all the aligners are designed at once.

Once the treatment is complete, we will give you retainers to make sure that your teeth don’t move to their previous position. That’s it. Say hello to your beautiful new smile!

What Types of Options are Available with Clear Correct?

Unlike the Invisalign aligners, the Clear Correct system offers three different types of packages which have been designed to treat different levels of complexities in orthodontic problems. This also means that you will need to pay lesser if you have mild to moderate orthodontic problem.

  • Unlimited – in this system, unlimited aligners are provided for the correction of your problem. However, generally, 32 sets of aligners are enough. These aligners are provided in eight phases, where each phase consists of four sets of aligners. This system is used for the treatment of very complex orthodontic problems.

  • Limited 12 – this system offers 12 aligners in three phases of treatment. At Metro Dental, we recommend this system if you have a moderately severe misalignment of teeth.

  • Limited 6 – this system is completed in 2 phases where 6 sets of aligners are provided. The limited 6 system is recommended for correction of mild orthodontic problems, especially if you have worn braces before and you just need some minor corrections.

Treatment time with Clear Correct varies with the severity of the problem. Generally, it can take between 1-2 years for completion of treatment.

The Clear Correct system carries an obvious advantage of being inconspicuous, comfortable and user-friendly. If you want to get rid of your crooked and misaligned without any discomfort, then Clear Correct aligner system should be your first choice. Dr. Lynn will also help you in choosing an orthodontic treatment system which is best for your treatment needs. So, visit us today and let us give you the smile of your dreams!