Message from the Dentist

Lynn Mbandi

I am Dr. Lynn Andoseh and I have practiced as a licensed family and cosmetic dentist for the past 10 years. I graduated from Howard University Dental School with honors in 2008 and completed my residency in 2009 at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX. Offering patients the highest quality of care, leveraging the latest in dental technology is of paramount importance to me. As a result,  over the 9 years I have completed numerous continuing education courses in order to keep abreast with the evolving landscape of dentistry.

I am originally from Cameroon but Bowie, MD is now home to myself, my husband, and 2 kids (5 and 2 years old). Growing up in Cameroon, dental care wasn't readily available to most people due to poverty. As I witnessed the devastating effects of  that, the seeds of my passion and career were planted.

I believe restoring smiles, and treating/preventing oral disease is what I was born to do. The fact that I get to do it in the community I call home (New Carrollton and surrounding Maryland communities in the Washington DC metro area), is very rewarding to me.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful smiles at Metro Dental.

Message From the Entrepreneur: Patient Experience - the intersection between dentistry, psychology, and music

Ngu Mbandi

My name is Ngu Mbandi and I am a business management consultant (day job) pianist/composer (my passion and night job) and a psychology aficionado (college field of study). I also happen to be married to an amazing dentist, Dr. Lynn Mbandi. You might wonder what music and psychology have to do with dentistry; keep reading. My music tends to be intricate yet relaxing. Over the years I have received messages from mothers who gave birth to my music; dentists who played my music to calm down nervous patients; and even a police SWAT team member in Romania who uses my music to calm him down on his way to missions. As you can see, the right environmental conditions can prevent anxiety by causing our sense on hearing to send signals to the brain that positively affect our mood.

Our sense of hearing is just one of five (5) senses, which means we have 4 other opportunities to design and implement a comprehensive strategy to assuage dental anxiety and  make you feel comfortable and relaxed at Metro Dental.

The Cause of Dental Anxiety

Our 5 sense are responsible for how we perceive the world because they are the entry points of information about our  surroundings.  For some, anything from the typical smell, sight, or sound of a dental office resonates with preconceived notions of  dentists and/or memories of previous bad dental experiences, resulting in the anxiety we feel when we visit the dentist. Also, pop culture satirically depicts dentists as drill mongers whose sole purpose on earth is to inflict pain.

Our Solution

If you can decipher the series of cognitive and sensory activities that occur along the path of a dental patient going from calm to anxious, then you can interrupt this chain of activities by feeding the senses with alternate pleasant information. The SWAT team member in Romania with headphones on drowns out all the usual culprits (sounds associated with risky missions that could potentially cause anxiety) with the sound of my music.  The approach we have taken is to create an environment with strategically placed stimulants designed to feed each sense with information that will have a calming effect by breaking the chain of cognitive and sensory activity that leads to anxiety.

How we Designed an Amazing Patient Experience Around the 5 Senses

  1. Smell:

    When you walk into Metro Dental, there will be an aroma of freshly baked cookies. This is not a "fresh cookie scent" made in a lab in China and sold at target, it is actually the smell of real cookies baking in a real oven. This might seem minor but for some, this sensory information could resonate with pleasant memories of time spent with mom or grandma, thereby causing subtle changes in one's mood. Now compare the smell of freshly baked cookies to the scent of the disinfectant you normally smell at a clinic or the dentist. Also, we do not just mask clinical scents, we use disinfectants that have a more of neutral scent or no scent at all.

  2. Taste:

    Who does not like the taste of a warm decadent cookie fresh from the oven. We don't just bake cookies in the office for the aroma, you will get a large free warm cookie on your way out so you can put your newly cleaned teeth to work; just don't forget to brush and floss. Those of you thinking "what if I just had a root canal and cannot chew just yet, giving me a warm cookie is just mean".  We could not agree with you more which is why we also have $10,000 self serve smoothie and milkshake machine so you can get free smoothies to soothe your gums in the event you had a more invasive procedure.

    We also use isolyte, which is a device that isolates specific areas of the mouth being worked on by the dentist, thereby preventing the tongue from being exposed to potentially unpleasant tastes and excessive fluids.

  3. Sound:

    When you walk into Metro Dental, you will hear soothing music (my music as well as other similar relaxing  music) softly playing from strategically placed speakers.  This kind of music (regardless of your taste in music) provides a calming effect when played softly in the background. If you like the music, just ask and we'll give you a free CD on your way out.

  4. Touch: 

    When it is time to go to the dentist, I am sure you are not thinking of the soft feel of our designer furniture. Most people think of pain the minute a dentist is mentioned; however, dentistry does not have to be painful.  My wife (Dr. Lynn) once injected my gum to numb me for a procedure and I did not feel a thing so I asked her exactly what she did. She has developed a technique using topical anesthetic, gum massage and a special thin vibrating needle that practically eliminates the pain of the numbing process. Once you numb from the anesthesia, you should not feel any pain.  Our warm towels and neck pillows add that extra level of comfort you deserve.

  5. Sight: 

    We provide overhead TVs in the treatment rooms with Netflix and hundreds of other viewing options to help patients escape during their procedures. I personally did the interior design of the space.  The colors, décor, and furniture carefully selected to create an environment that looks nothing like a dentist but more  like a 5-star hotel lobby or a fancy coffee shop. I chose a warm earth tone color theme (brown, orange, beige, etc) and opposed to a more sterile color theme (blue, white, etc). The latter is commonly used in clinics while the former is more common in homes and social establishments.

Is the Cost of these Perks Passed on to the Patient?

If you are thinking you will pay extra for all of these amenities, I am here to assure you won't. We take all PPO insurance plans and offer "no credit check" financing. Also, the cost of our services to those without insurance is equal to or lower than that of other neighboring dental practices.

Changing the Paradigm in Dentistry

Dr. Lynn and myself decided to put our capabilities and resources together to change the paradigm in dentistry by starting Metro Dental. My goal in designing the space and the patient's experience was to create an environment where patients can escape to as opposed to escaping from. This is quite a tall order considering the fact that we are talking about a dental office; let's face it, no one likes to go to the dentist. We sincerely hope you appreciate all the effort we have put into providing world class dentistry in an environment strategically designed to assuage your fear of the dentist. If everything we have set up fails to assuage your anxiety, we offer Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. This safe sedative works great for most patients.

Why Isn't Every Dental Practice Like This

Because they are run by a dentist who is trained to take good care of your teeth as they should. I am not a dentist so I think like a patient and I am not consumed by figuring out the latest in cosmetic dental procedures, root canals, etc. My wife on the other hand, is. She is an amazing dentist who is passionate about the clinical aspect of dentistry while I am focused on providing the patient and staff with the best experience possible.



From Our Family to Yours

We have two (2) kids who are 3 and 5 years old. From one family to another, we invite you to visit is at Metro Dental. Kids are so sweet and innocent but when they show up at the dentist's office, they get very nervous, understandably so. Dr. Lynn is an amazing mother and dentist and she will treat your kids like she treats ours.

We are looking forward to your first visit at Metro Dental