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What are the Common Reasons for a Toothache?


Treatment for Toothache at Metro Dental

First, Dr. Lynn will perform a detailed clinical examination to ascertain the underlying cause of your toothache. Treatment of dental pain is generally aimed at removing the underlying cause.

  • Damaged Teeth – If the cause of your toothache is cavities, damaged filling or accidental pulp exposure, Dr. Lynn will restore the tooth with a suitable filling material.
  • Sensitive Teeth – for sensitive teeth, the sensitive area is covered with a suitable filling. If required, Dr. Lynn may apply topical fluoride to restore the strength of the dental enamel and to prevent sensitivity. She may also apply dental sealants to children who are at a higher risk of getting teeth cavities.
  • Pain due to Gross Tooth Damage – when dental pain is caused due to exposure of the underlying enamel following gross damage to a tooth, Dr. Lynn will restore the tooth with porcelain or metal-fused to porcelain crowns.
  • Abscess – for relieving dental pain associated with a tooth abscess, a root canal treatment becomes necessary. Dr. Lynn may also prescribe antibiotics to accelerate the healing
  • Gum Disease – if you’re having toothache due to gum disease, Dr. Lynn will professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar deposits and to reduce the gum inflammation.




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